Monday, August 11, 2014

The Vineyard of the Saker: (The MUCH awaited) Ukraine SITREP translated by Gleb Bazov

The Boiling Point of the Southern Cauldron

Original: Voice of Sevastopol, August 8, 2014
Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov

Edited by S. Naylor

The Collapse of the Southern Cauldron

The Southern Cauldron has reached its boiling point; it is living out its final hours. Everything that did not manage to flee to Russia or to break out of encirclement is in the process of being cooked. Yesterday, following a de-blockading strike from without, the remnants of the surrounded brigades, having gathered an armoured group and abandoned everything that could not move, rushed to break through in the direction of Miusinsk. This led to battles, in the course which the city continually passed from one faction to the other. In order to prevent the unification of two enemy groups – one attempting to break out and the other – a relief group advancing through Orlovka to the north of Enakievo – the Militia attempted to push the breakout troops to the north-east of Miusinsk.

At this time, the fighting is continuing. The Junta is trying to use the breakout from encirclement to cut off communications between the militiamen and Donetsk. The leadership of the DPR understands this, and that is why yesterday there were head-on battles, which have continued today. The result of these battles will have operational significance. The situation is difficult in this area, as there are no clear front lines and the factions continue to maneuver with their reserves in order to achieve their respective goals. The Junta’s objective is to pull out the remnants of the encircled brigades, while retaining control over Miusinsk. The Militia intends to dislodge the Junta troops from Miusinsk, in the process creating a new cauldron for the breakout troops.

With respect to Panteleimonovka, it has been reported on the Internet forum where Strelkov used to share his briefings that it remains in the hands of the Militia - even though yesterday there were conflicting reports suggesting that it had been abandoned. It appears that there is ongoing fighting and that, just as with Miusinsk, control over this settlement continues to pass back and forth between the opposing sides.

And here is a Ukrainian side's description of the breakout from the Cauldron. In a manner of speaking, this is piping hot news from straight from the mouth of the boiling Southern Cauldron...

The worst fucking telephone call of my life.

Petunya, Lyosha, Seryoga, Oleg, and all the other Odessites are alive.

There is a huge number of “200s” [Note: Killed in Action / KIA] among the border guards from Belgorod-Dnestrovsk, Mogilyov-Podolsk, a pile of dead paratroopers from Nikolayev, from the 24th [Brigade]. This is the outcome of our troops’ withdrawal from the border. Over the past two days many more people were killed than over the course of the entire 42 days of the deployment at the positions. Many of the dead were left there, in the sunflower fields, on the roads …

After refueling their vehicles at the Ukrainian Armed Forces field base, they intend to run all the way to Odessa.

The operation with respect to securing the border failed miserably, yielding a pile of corpses and minimal advantage. Everything was fine until Russia started shelling our troops from its territory.

Ninety percent of all the hardware of our military grouping was burned down at the border; hundreds of guys perished …

Complete story at - The Vineyard of the Saker: (The MUCH awaited) Ukraine SITREP translated by Gleb Bazov

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