Monday, August 11, 2014

Gov't Allowed Start of South Stream Construction in Bulgaria - - Sofia News Agency

Bulgaria's former government granted South Stream the first building permit in end-July, the Regional Development Ministry's website reveals.

A document [BG] dating July 31 signed by former Regional Minister Desislava Terzieva shows the construction of a receiving terminal in the Pasha Dere area, near the Black Sea city of Varna and a compressor station.

The two facilities were given the green light despite Sofia's assurances that the project was frozen until a further decision from the EU Commission.

In the document handing out a construction permit, Terzieva points out that her ministry decided to approve "preliminary implementation" of the permit.

In her words, state and public interest would suffer if such a decision is delayed any further.

Complete story at - Gov't Allowed Start of South Stream Construction in Bulgaria - - Sofia News Agency

CC Photo Google Image Search Source is upload wikimedia org  Subject is South Stream map

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