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The goal of this website is to present alternative views of the events of the day, especially from sources sorely under-represented in the large corporate media. Since we go to numerous sources for information for this website, you'll likely find conflicting views from one article to another. This is actually quite normal. By posting numerous articles from different sources, it is hoped that the reader will develop their own knowledge, understanding, and interpretation of world events today.

Articles on the site are almost always limited to a few paragraphs, with a link to the full article on another site. This is done for several reasons. 

1. This site wants to encourage you to visit other sites that cover events of the day in an alternative light. 

2. Authors on the linked sites might receive further recognition and possibly even some funds depending on how many read their articles on the linked sites. This acts as an incentive for these authors to continue to write and spread their knowledge.

3. After a couple of paragraphs, you might decide this article is not for you. It’s now a lot easier to move to the next one.

Please note that the views expressed in articles here may not always represent my personal views, but are presented as an alternative to mainstream media reports, which are often horrendously wrong, misleading, or incomplete.  Or the story is just not told at all.  And some stories may contradict other stories.  This is normal in a democratic and free society.   Sharing of content is encouraged.

Images used on this site are for illustrative purposes only, and are used to highlight concepts discussed in the posted article. For example, articles about war might be illustrated with a photo from a different war.

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If you're seeking more information about how the world really works, and not how the media would want you to believe it works, these books are a good start. These are all highly recommended.

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1. The Shock Doctrine - Naomi Klein
2. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - John Perkins
3. Manufacturing Consent - Edward Herman, Noam Chomsky
4. Gladio - NATO's Dagger at the Heart of Europe - Richard Cottrell
5. Profit Over People - Noam Chomsky
6. Soviet Fates and Lost Alternatives - Stephen Cohen
7. The Divide - American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap - Matt Taibbi

How this works.  Follow one of the links.  Should you decide to buy that item, or any item, I get a small percentage, which helps to maintain this site.  Your cost is the same, whether you buy from my link or not.  But if the item remains in the cart too long, I don't get a thing.  
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