Thursday, August 14, 2014

Naked Goals of Ukrainian Genocide – Part II |

Original: Voice of Sevastopol
Initially published June 22, 2014 in Russian by VooDoo
Initial Translation: Master Butch
Final Translation: Alice Seberry

Edited by S. Naylor

The Puzzle: How to Redistribute the World According to Gas (Resources)

Let’s look at all the pieces. The battle is waged with one thing in mind, and that is the energy crisis of 2030. It’s pretty simple: whoever can get his hands on the real estate where the resources are, wins. Whoever doesn’t make it, we’ll mourn him. So don’t expect a thing from the West. If they can bite off a chunk, they’ll take it, without regard for what is right or proper. That explains the steadfast position of the US and Europe, which appears a little inadequate but maybe it’s appropriate for those who are heading toward a global energy crisis – there’ll be no mercy for those who stand back; they will just be the first to die.

The Prospects for Shale Gas in Ukraine

The development of shale gas exploitation in Ukraine has begun in two regions: in the Olesskiy part (shown in pink) near the Lyublinsk basin, and the Yuzovskiy part (shown in red or orange) near the Dnieprovsk-Donetsk basin. The actual basins are marked in yellow.

The volume of the reserves, according to various statistics:

Government geological services (2012)
7.0 trill cubic meters
International energy agencies (EU, US)
1.2 trill. cubic m.
Ukr. Min. for energy and coal production:
5.0 trill. cubic m.

The participation of Shell explains Europe’s position. Outwardly it seems that Europe is playing in tandem with the US to its own detriment, but that is not so. Shell is fundamentally a European company, and the main consumers of the potential shale gas are, too. They’re hoping to get gas from the Donbas for a price far lower than that of Gazprom. For that, a minimal investment is required – the transportation infrastructure is already in place. And that is why Europe will continue pushing this undying (and from the outside, absurd, although there is a certain logic to it) position on Ukraine. Since they’re always maneuvering to get gas as cheaply as possible, they hope to swallow up Ukraine in one piece. And when they pump the country dry, in 30-40 years, they’ll dump the skeleton in a landfill; anyone who wants it then, can have it. Now it’s a question of money. What’s cheaper? You can invest billions in laser fusion without any guarantees, or you can put the same amount into developing shale gas, especially given that it’s situated very close to the highway that’s already in place to deliver gas to one of the largest consumers – Europe.

The Population

Despite all of Shell’s reassurances that it’s all safe, the first drilling in North Donestk gave off emissions that the local people weren’t pleased with at all. So now there’s a problem – one has to stave off any problems with the population. In the worst case, in the US, when the farmers who got $2–3 million off the companies that were extracting the shale gas and destroyed the water supply, it was very instructive. Or you can put the same amount into developing shale gas, especially given that it’s situated very close to the highway that’s already in place to deliver gas to one of the largest consumers – Europe. There are two answers to this question, two paths – good and bad. The “good” way would be to re-settle all those who are unhappy, to pay for their relocation and new homes. Let’s try to estimate what that would cost.

Complete story at - Naked Goals of Ukrainian Genocide – Part II |

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