Thursday, August 14, 2014

Naked Goals of Ukrainian Genocide – Part I |

Original: Voice of Sevastopol

Initially published June 22, 2014 in Russian by VooDoo
Initial Translation: Master Butch
Final Translation: Alice Seberry

Edited by S. Naylor

Various claims and messages keep coming from the South-East battle-front. Periodically, folks veer from one extreme to the other — from “Putin has abandoned us all” to “we’ll do it all ourselves”. In reality, if we look at certain fundamental issues, many pieces fall into place. And it becomes clear that Russia can’t just “flush away” the whole South-Eastern state of Novorossia or even the Slavyansk part. That would be the equivalent of losing at war for 30–50 years to come.

I will take a try at piecing the puzzle together, convoluted as it all may be. Please excuse me in advance — I just can’t take it any more, the naggers and pessimists have gotten to me. Excuse me also for the lack of references— much of what I cite below has already appeared on this thread, but I have neither the desire nor the time to dig them all up.

The US public debt of $18.5 trillion is well-known and has been widely discussed. Besides that basic factor, there are various fundamental trends; one of which is that, sooner or later, the question of energy resources will stand out above all.

Pieces of the Puzzle:Energy Demand

This is the actual power generated by different sources (blue area at the bottom – hydropower, grey area above it – coal, next layer up – gas and oil, and the uppermost – nuclear power), and the red line shows energy consumption in gigawatts. The whole table demonstrates a sort of prognosis for the period 2010-2100. Note that the green line curving upward stands for sources of energy generation that are anticipated to be developed to take the place of the traditional ones (currently, nuclear fusion energy with laser ignition).

The main point of this graph is that by the year of 2030, the beginning of a prolonged decline in energy production is predicted. This graph is from the website of the US government’s Energy Information Administration:

For a long time this view was understood to be nothing but fear-mongering, just to squeeze out some money to fund scientific programs. But there is a significant point — the website itself is a solid source of authoritative information, for many purposes, including decision-making by politicians (decisions as to whom to fund, and how much).

Complete story at - Naked Goals of Ukrainian Genocide – Part I |

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