Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Vineyard of the Saker: Pain inflicting techniques

by Nikolai Starikov for Vzgiad
(translated by the Russian Team)

The West is so used to the one-sided game that they seem genuinely surprised that Russia has responded to the West’s sanctions against her.

That’s ok, let them get used to it. Whoever will come to us with a sword by the sword will perish. That is only when we are talking about a battle sword and a "hot" war. If this is an economic war where the weapons are prohibitions and sanctions, the aggressor will end up getting more than he asked for.

I support with both hands the introduction of the retaliatory sanctions against countries, which in turn tried to "sanction" Russia. For many reasons:

- it is good for our economy and our producers;
- it is important for the self-respect of our people, who never failed to punish an offender, who lost the sense of reality;
- it is necessary to foster the respect for Russia not only inside the country but also beyond its borders.

Russia is a superpower; we retrieved this status again after the reunification with Crimea. Therefore, the boorish attitude towards Russia as a guilty child, who must be punished and taught a lesson, is futile.

From now on, any aggressor must get used to the fact that he will pay dearly for his aggression. Retribution will be measured by the degree of the aggression.

The aggressor will pay dearly with his economy and income for economic aggression. He will pay dearly with his soldiers' lives and with the loss of freedom of maneuver in the international sphere for military aggression.

As it has already happened many times in history, we didn’t start the confrontation. This is Russia who is being "punished" because ... a war is going on near our borders, after explicit and practically overt support of the coup d’état in Ukraine by the West. This is NATO that threatens to expand its infrastructure near our borders. This is our territory that is being shelled from the conflict zone.

The West itself is not in danger. Russia does not take any hostile actions towards the West near its borders. But we are being punished. Well, we will punish you. You need us more than we need you.

Complete story at - The Vineyard of the Saker: Pain inflicting techniques

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