Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ukrainian ambassador wants the Italian town to change the name of "Odessa Victims" square - Fort Russ

February 4, 2015
Translated by Kristina Rus

The choice of a small town Ceriano Laghetto (30 km from Milan) to name one of their squares for the "Victims of Odessa" turned into an event of national scale.

As prescribed in city charter, this name combines the memory of two events: the Jewish pogrom by the German Nazis and the tragedy in Odessa in May of last year.

The reaction of the Ukrainian Ambassador was immediate:

"We're going to speak with the Italian authorities and the police of the province," - announced the Ambassador of Ukraine Yevgeny Perelygin in an interview to MonzaToday. - Local authorities of Ceriano Laghetto try to equate the crimes of the Nazis against Jews in Odessa in 1941 with the tragic events of May 2014. This is absolutely untenable: in the first case we are talking about the liquidation of people along ethnic lines, while the cause of last years tragedy was the clash between groups of protesters, heated by provocateurs in respect to which the investigation is being carried out by law enforcement agencies".

According to the ambassador, the decision of the authorities of Ceriano Laghetto can even be seen as slander against the Ukrainian state.

"The first results of the investigation point to the participation of Russian citizens in this tragedy," - said Perelygin. - We are waiting for more clarification about the reasons for what happened, but you need to wait for the court decision."

Complete story at - Ukrainian ambassador wants the Italian town to change the name of "Odessa Victims" square - Fort Russ

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