Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Ukraine was replaced with "Euromaidan Republic", "Neo-Khazaria" and the "Union of Donbass Republics" - Fort Russ

"Sunday Night with Vladimir Solovyev" on Russia 1
Translated by Kristina Rus

Semen Uralov (Ukrainian Political Scientist):

Kuchma is first of all the Godfather of the oligarchic model which brought Ukraine to this crisis. This is why he is sent to Minsk, although he doesn't have any power.

There are two factors to this crisis. There is the intra-political factor. The power was seized by raiders just as they raided their factories in the 90's, built their empires, like Kolomoisky with his Privat Group. Now they can apply these methods at the framework of the entire country.

The task is to bankrupt the assets, so that people wouldn't even as for salaries. Same model worked with companies in Russia. This is the intra-Ukrainian factor. The raiders are using those methods which they had perfected in the 90's.

And then there is the outside factor.

The ultimate goal is the free trade zone between the EU and the USA. Ukraine is the working material, is the motor oil, which has to be utilized, then burned down and disposed of.

Therefore there is a congruence of two interests - of the American party which is playing for the free trade zone, and a break up of the relationship between Russia and EU, and - the raiders who are on the inside and are given carte blanche for any actions.

And for peace talks you need the correct number of entities.

Complete story at - Ukraine was replaced with "Euromaidan Republic", "Neo-Khazaria" and the "Union of Donbass Republics" - Fort RussCC Photo Google Image Search Source is euromaydan in  Subject is eu usa relations

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