Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Nikolaev deputy arrested for saying: "Nikolaev is ready to welcome the Russian tanks" - Fort Russ

The Security Service of Ukraine detained the Deputy of the Nikolaev Regional Council Nikolay Mashkin for "anti-Ukrainian statements," said the adviser to the head of Security Service of Ukraine, Markiyan Lubkivsky.

"I wish to inform you that in the framework of the fight against separatism and anti-constitutional and anti-state activities, Security Service of Ukraine detained the citizen of Ukraine Nikolay Mashkin, born in 1960, a member of the Nikolaev Regional Council," - wrote Lubkivsky on his page in Facebook.

"The reason for the detention of Mashkin was his anti-Ukrainian statements in anti-Ukrainian media, in particular on the "readiness of Nikolaev to solemnly welcome the Russian tanks". There are plenty of videos and publications with Mashkin, I am not going to advertise it," - added Lubkivsky.

SBU has considered the statements of the deputy as facilitating the militia and anti-Ukrainian propaganda. It is reported that on Tuesday Mashkin will be charged.

Complete story at - Nikolaev deputy arrested for saying: "Nikolaev is ready to welcome the Russian tanks" - Fort Russ

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