Saturday, October 4, 2014

Russian Military Analyst: Significant Covert Western Activity in Ukraine - Russia Insider

Vladimir Kozin is a Professor of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences and Head of the Group of Advisers to the Director of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies.

He argues here that the covert operation the CIA has been running in the Ukraine is poorly conceived, and will likely fail.

He submitted this piece to RI. It is an adaptation of a radio interview (text) he gave to Russian State Radio.

There is already substantial evidence of illegal arms supplies flowing into Ukraine from the West. I myself have seen pictures of a captured Ukrainian tank with electronic equipment supplied by “the Thales Company, UK”.

That Kiev is being provided with intelligence data and reconnaissance material is irrefutable. But the evidence points to much deeper western involvement in the conflict than has been previously acknowledged.

Poroshenko has said that on the side lines of the recent NATO summit in Newport, Wales, he was promised arms supplies by various NATO powers. If so, this is also illegal. It violates official documents of the EU and OSCE (of which practically all the NATO powers are also members) that expressly prohibit arms supplies to parties involved in a conflict in the Europe.

Although it is unlikely the western powers will send troops to the conflict zone, there is no question that western advisers and mercenaries are already operational in Ukraine. All this violates the same official documents that prohibit arms supplies.

Complete story at - Russian Military Analyst: Significant Covert Western Activity in Ukraine - Russia Insider

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