Monday, August 31, 2015

No Bread and Circuses for You – Status Update

You may have noticed that my posting schedule here at No Bread and Circuses for You has become a bit sporadic recently. And there's a good reason for that. I've been spending more time recently doing the same kind of work over at the website Russia Insider. If you have not yet visited Russia Insider, I'd like to recommend it to you and suggest that you stop over there for a visit. Here is their website address:  Russia Insider

I've certainly enjoyed everything that I've done here at No Bread and Circuses for You. So why would I be spending less time doing this? One word... Impact. At this site, I've averaged about 20,000 views a month since I started a bit over a year ago. Russia Insider averages about 3 million views a month. My work over there has a much greater impact than my work over here.

At Russia Insider, I'm part of a team of eight that does nothing but scan the news. And that leaves me more time to do other things. And that's important, because I don't make any money doing this, while at the same time I spend less time doing work that actually pays the bills. And everybody has bills. You have them; and I have them.

So then, what is the future of this site? This site will continue, but with a less frequent posting schedule. Here's what you can expect to see in the future.
1. Any writing that I do, and I hope to do more, will appear here first.
2. Stories that I find that fit the mission of Russia Insider will be submitted there. Stories that I uncover that does not fit their mission but yet is an important story that needs further exposure, will be posted here, as time permits.
3. The live news feeds that I added to this site a couple of months ago will remain active and will continue to be updated on a frequent basis. There will always be new, updated stories there. These news feeds are found in the right column, under News Feeds & Site Info.
If you happen to monitor RSS feeds, I recommend that you subscribe to my feed (that orange circle at the top right hand corner of the page) so you will be notified of any new postings.

So this is not goodbye; this is just an I'll be seeing you on a less frequent basis.

- Aaron Talka

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