Tuesday, September 2, 2014

​Winter is coming: Ukrainians educated in energy saving, alternative heating — RT News

With natural gas shortages central heating may not be in place in Ukrainian flats for the cold winter. While people are rushing to buy electric heaters, authorities have issued brochures with advice on how to cope with freezing temperatures.

Recognizing that it is extremely hard to keep a city flat warm with no central heating, Kiev authorities, for example, launched a campaign aimed at informing citizens on tricks and methods they could use to save energy and heat – at temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius and lower.

Firstly, the heat insulation of windows and doors is strongly advised, as well as the purchase of a personal boiler or energy-saving heating installation. In fact, people are already starting to buy the boilers: shop owners in Kiev told TCH TV channel that demand for such devices has increased at least threefold since the beginning of the crisis.

Also, it is suggested in the brochures that city residents should buy warm clothes made of natural fabric, valenki, and headwear to protect themselves from freezing temperatures.

Where there is heating in flats, the authorities advise to paint the radiators red or brown instead of traditional white, in order to increase their heat output – or wrap them in foil.

With so many heating devices power consumption will increase and may overload the grid, authorities are also giving advice on electricity savings: from switching to lower wattage light bulbs, to giving up on devices’ stand-by functions and instead unplugging them completely.

Complete story at - ​Winter is coming: Ukrainians educated in energy saving, alternative heating — RT News

NoBC4U Note:  There is just soooo much wrong with the advice the "authorities" are handing out. The economy is borderline Depression, if not there already, but go out and buy personal boilers (for hot water) and energy-saving heat installations. Buy more warm clothing. Or insulate your flat. How? Buy asking for it? By begging for it? How many people have that kind of money in a depressed economy? But even for those who do have it, a whole lot of buildings in Kiev still have Soviet era electric circuitry. Plug in too many things, and you'll pop the breaker for the whole building. Or possibly the whole block.  But hey, use lower wattage light bulbs.  

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