Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A deputy was asked to kneel in Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada after she spoke against military operation in Donbass. — Novorossiya News Agency

Earlier today, deputies of Verkhovna Rada suggested to bring their colleague Yelena Bondarenko to her knees, some even went as far as to propose to shoot her. These reactions were incited by her accusing Ukrainian army in shellings of the peaceful cities and towns of Donbass. Her speech was interrupted by Rada speaker Alexander Turchinov.

A scandal broke out today in ukrainian Verkhovna Rada. Deputy Yelena Bondarenko affiliated with “Partiya Regionov” (“Faction of Regions”) mounted the rostrum and suggested to honor those who died in Donbass with a minute of silence. The suggestion was supported by her colleagues.

To bring her to her knees.

The things Bondarenko said next were followed by a completely different reaction. “The government, that is present here, divides people of the state into “ukrainians” and “non-ukrainians”. Government that sends an army to bomb peaceful cities is a government of criminals. Government that takes away the right for education…” that was all she had been able to say before speaker Alexander Turchinov turned off her microphone. Turchinov demanded to stop “provocations and pro-russian propaganda” and claimed that “Ukrainian army protects Ukraine”. “Ukrainian army protects you personally. You should kneel before the ukrainian army” were the words that Turchinov addressed to Bondarenko. After that a quarrel started among deputies, obscene words could be heard.

Complete story at - A deputy was asked to kneel in ukrainian Verkhovna Rada (Supreme Counsil) after she spoke against military operation in Donbass. — Novorossiya News Agency

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