Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ukraine, Arab Spring, Cold War II and Price Wars Hardly Disguised

2014-06-08 by Phil Butler

Ukraine, Kiev’s Maidan Square protests, the current US versus Russia mess, all this is about gas and profit, and nothing else.

When US President Barack Obama began the campaign to “punish” Vladimir Putin and Russia over interference in Ukraine, we all should have known there was more to the story. And there is. As it turns out, Ukraine’s violence, and most of the unrest abroad in fact, is a competition in between huge investment partners, gas companies like Exxon Mobile, and Russia’s Gazprom. As for the people, the public? They are just collateral damage, pawns or meaningless in a worldwide corporate game for profit. The Obama administration, and almost all the western governments are involved in one way or other, are fighting a price war over gas against Russia.

Sounds conspiratorial and unfeasible, doesn’t it? But the intuitive and honest reader somehow knows it’s all true. All you have to do is ask a few fairly simple questions, know a few key names, and see the logic bankers and investors always apply. Here’s a few questions to head your thinking into the right direction:

  1. Why were economic sanctions applied to swiftly and forcefully against Putin’s and Russia’s oligarchs and industrialists?
  2. Who will benefit from the Ukraine/natural gas situation if an alternative to Russia supply of Europe is created?
  3. Who, and for how long is involved in capitalizing on a European market for alternative liquid natural gas (LNG) shipments?
  4. What other factors involving LNG amplify the need for disrupting Russia’s market for natural gas?
CC Photo Google Image Search Source is i1 wp com  Subject is natural gas marketsThe Answers – More Complicated Than the Questions

Before I answer some of these for you, please think about why the son of a US Vice President ends up working for the biggest Ukrainian gas company. Then wonder why a college chum of Secretary of State John Kerry ends up at the same Cyprus based Burisma Holdings? These two are bit players though, in a money power play of staggering proportions. Like something straight out of an Orwellian nightmare, industrialists who pull the strings on powerful politicians now hide in plain sight, dealing in lives, greed, corporate skulduggery all disguised as lobbying, aggressive business, economic upturn, and so on. Look at the dogma, then look at the separate reality hidden in each:

  1. President Obama‘s “Climate Action Plan” (Billionaire Richard Branson is in love) – The plan promotes natural gas above all other energy sources
  2. Whatever you heard about the “Odessa Massacre“ – it’s about ensuring an investment from the west in the only LNG “regasification” plant in Ukraine
  3. Russia’s Gazprom & A Secret UN Gas Cadre – Fox broke this gas conspiracy, but Obama’s constituents represent another energy cartel
  4. A licensing melee (Lebanon offshore) has begun in between energy companies like Royal Dutch Shell, Marathon oil in the US, and others
  5. Mega-firm Baker & McKenzie instrumental in world natural gas – here’s their guide (and above from the PDF) showing North Africa (Arab Spring states’) potential
  6. Smaller players like former PR/lobbying firm MWW’s VP Ankit Desai, who’s migration from a key Obama supporter to the energy sector (LNG in focus, Cheniere) show the ever widening spider web of connections in between big government, big business, and big profits
Complete story at - Ukraine, Arab Spring, Cold War II and Price Wars Hardly Disguised

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