Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ukraine the Epicenter of Global Geopolitical Transformation – Stephen Cohen / Sputnik International

Prominent American historian Stephen Cohen believes that Ukraine is the epicenter of a global geopolitical transformation, and that the world as it existed before the crisis will never be the same again.

Speaking on the John Batchelor radio program, Dr. Cohen observed that while "we talk each week about the micro and macro events emanating from the Ukraine crisis, we're living through a geopolitical transition, and to what we do not know." In any case, "the world will not again be the way looked 5-6 years ago, at least in Europe. These are historic times, and the epicenter is Ukraine."

Noting that the "essential confrontation" in the conflict "is between the United States and Russia," Cohen believes that Europe and China too are reconfiguring and reorienting themselves around events in Ukraine.

Fears of Ukrainian Military Conflict Reigniting

Speaking about the dangers of the military conflict in Ukraine spreading into a wider regional war, Professor Cohen warned that "very loud and authoritative voices in Kiev, Washington and in the NATO Headquarters in Brussels, are saying almost daily that a larger war is coming and coming soon. Each blames the other; Kiev, Washington and Brussels are saying that Russia is going to launch this war. But Moscow is warning that all this war talk is preparation for a Kiev-led US-backed assault on eastern Ukraine. The appearance of American, Canadian and UK trainers to train Ukrainian National Guard makes Moscow think that this too is part of the preparation."

Russia Does Not Seek to Rebuild the USSR, or a Traditional Sphere of Influence

Commenting on the growing tendency by Western politicians and media to say that Russia is looking to rebuild the Soviet Union, Dr. Cohen argues that "there is absolutely no evidence" to confirm this claim. The academic notes that Russia "doesn't have the resources, the ideology, the inclination, or the popular support. The leaders have another mission in mind: They are busy rebuilding at home the Russian state that collapsed in 1991, 25 years ago," which had tremendous negative ramifications in every sphere of national life.

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