Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Greanville Post • Vol. IX | Russia may be a lot tougher than the Washington neocons expect

By Muravei-s | Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

I was compelled to write this article by the following photograph: It’s a famous photo. Georgia, August 8, 2008. After the Georgian army’s defeat, its retreating forces regrouped and decided to return to Gori, but encountered a Russian checkpoint.


One can see on the photo how a Russian Army soldier, with a machine gun slung over his shoulder, stands in the path of Georgia’s motorized infantry, whose officers threatened the machine-gunner in order to force him to let them pass, only to hear “go f*** yourselves” in response. Members of the media accompanying the column also tried to reason with the machine-gunner, only to receive the same response. In the end the column turned around and returned to whence it came. Foreign journalists later published an article with the title “You don’t need 300, one is enough.”

What was the soldier thinking? What did he feel at that moment? Was he not terrified? He probably was. Or maybe he was not hoping to have children and grandchildren, or to live a long happy life. Of course he hoped to.

Can you imagine a NATO soldier standing like that, with a machine-gun against an enemy column?

I can’t. They value their lives too much. So what makes us so? Why are we Russians different?

And why do foreigners consider us unpredictable madmen?

Complete story at - The Greanville Post • Vol. IX | Russia may be a lot tougher than the Washington neocons expect

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