Thursday, April 16, 2015

“Krivbass” battalion attacked the dwellers of Krivoy Rog | Novorossia Today

Viktoriya Shylova, the leader of “Antivoyna” (Anti-War) movement appealed to her countrymen on her page in Facebook:

“Dear fellow citizens!

Today it is dangerous to honestly fulfill the duties of a member of the Regional Council in the Dnepropetrovsk Region. It is much more dangerous than in Kiev. In the capital of Ukraine the rally of protest against the rising of utility prices went peacefully, and in Krivoy Rog it was scattered by the mercenaries from “Krivbass” battalion and the radical scum from the Right Sector. Let me remind you that public organizations of Krivoy Rog appointed a rally against the rising of utility prices and closure of six schools for today. According to the latest reports the authorities are planning to close six schools. The sum of utility services a person will have to pay for a two-room apartment will amount to 1500 UAH beginning with April the 1st. Today “the ATO heroes” from “Krivbass” and the PS broke up the meeting of about 250 dwellers of Krivoy Rog. In fact it was an armed assault of thugs armed with sticks, bates and fire-arms upon the people. Women and the elderly had been disperced by brute force, regardless of their age and gender. Militants from “Krivbass” attacked two of my assistants and the activists of “Antivoyna” movement.They surrounded our car, demanded that the passengers left it, broke the car windows with bricks. After the driver refused to open the doors, they pointed a “Kalashnikov” at him and threatened to use the machine-gun. It is a miracle that the activists managed to escape and avoid being slaughtered by the armed thugs. My car was pursued by a white Passat. A journalist of the movement was also attacked, beaten and a cassette with photos of the rally was taken away from him. Several dwellers of the city had been beaten, when they tried to defend the peaceful protesters. The group of attackers numbered about 100 persons, and the police stood aside and did not react to the outrageous actions of “Krivbass” and PS. It is clear now what the authorities need the volunteer battalions for. They need them for suppressions of social movements against the rise of prices, the war, closure of schools and kindergartens. As a member of the Dnepropetrovsk City Council I am preparing the appeal to the Prosecutor’s Office and the Security Service of Ukraine in regard to the hindrances to my activities as a member of the Council, as a protector of human rights of the dwellers of the Dnepropetrovsk Region.

I would like to tell the masked radicals that they will be punished, as they are criminals and have violated the rights of the Ukrainian people. Their outrage will come to an end soon, and their names are known to everyone here. Their masters will flee the country, and they will have to answer for their crimes.

I appeal to the inhabitants of Krivoy Rog with a request to send in video and photo evidence, as our evidence was destroyed by the militants. What kind of peace and concord is Poroshenko talking about, if violence is used against his own citizens?

P.S. The scum and criminals expect to have intimidated everyone, who is against the present-day authorities and in favour of the people. Ukraine has turned into Somalia or a concentration camp. I will inform you about the developments”.

Complete story at - “Krivbass” battalion attacked the dwellers of Krivoy Rog | Novorossia Today

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