Friday, April 10, 2015

5 Myths about Greece the Banksters need you to believe Washington's Blog

Greece’s Prime Minister Alex Tsipras will be heading to Moscow tomorow, and the legacy media that is the de facto public relations wing of the IMF and World Bank are in overdrive to continue to advance the narrative that Greeks are irresponsible, indolent, the visit is an amateurish attempt to blackmail Germany, and further evidence that the Syriza government is out of its depth.

Those who continue to buy into the IMF propaganda without pause should consider these points, before they decide whether or not they want to continue to do the legacy media’s work for them by reporting their key talking points almost verbatim in the comments section of every blog or media account of the current contretemps.

This should not be relied upon as a comprehensive list, but rather a starting point for your own investigation and research:

Talking Point 1: The Greeks are “lazy” and brought this on themselves.

Economic and other data sourced from independent watchdog groups state otherwise.

Pointing to one key economic factor, Average Working Hours per year, the Groningen University Growth and Development Center found that between 1995 and 2005, Greece was consistently the EU country with the highest number of annual work hours per employee. In 2011, the work-hours for Greece was 2,032 – in contrast to the US, in the same time period, which clocked in at 1,836. US work hours have continued to decline, to a current average of approximately 32 hours per week. Very few Americans would attribute this decline due to “laziness” or “indolence”, but would point to external factors, such as the Obama administration’s policies that have driven employer’s shift from fulltime workers with benefits to part-time staffing with limited or no benefits.

It would seem that the IMF talking point doesn’t match the information gathered by independent sources regarding the work ethic of Greeks.

Talking Point 2: Greece’s Economy is so small it doesn’t matter

Talking Point 3:  Greeks are poor and want “something for nothing”

Talking Point 4:  Greece will back down in the 11th hour, because they have nowhere else to go…

Talking Point 5:  Greece will never leave the EU or NATO

Complete story at - 5 Myths about Greece the Banksters need you to believe Washington's Blog


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