Friday, May 1, 2015

Even More News For You

Not enough news for you yet?  Just click one of the links below...

The new pages each contain a scrolling news widget. The news widgets are Russia News, Ukraine News, Novorossiya News, and Elsewhere in Ukraine News. This news widgets will allow access to a greater number of news stories than I could hope to post myself. Here's some basic information on each widget.

1. Russia News – the latest news concerning events and developments regarding Russia.

2. Ukraine News – the latest news regarding events and developments in Ukraine. This also includes NATO news, since we know that NATO is deeply involved in events in Ukraine.

3. Novorossiya News – news regarding the events Donetsk, Luhansk, and Novorossiya.

4. Elsewhere in Ukraine News – news regarding events elsewhere in Ukraine, with specific emphasis on cities and regions that may not remain in Ukraine for whole lot longer.

•• Even More News for You - All four of the above feeds together on one page.  Note:  This one contains all four scrolling news widgets.  Because of this, it's possible that not all will load correctly the first time.  Doing a reload/refresh should fix the problem.

- Aaron Talka

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