Friday, January 30, 2015

TASS: World - Ukraine’s ‘ministry of truth’ to create Internet army

"We need no bots or trolls to bring information to those who communicate in the Internet," Yury Stets from Ukraine’s Ministry of Information Policy said

KIEV, January 28. /TASS/. Ukraine’s Ministry of Information Policy has announced plans to create a coordination center of bloggers that could spread "truthful information" on the situation in the country’s east and refute false reports.

"We need no bots or trolls to bring information to those who communicate in the Internet," Yury Stets of the newly created ministry said in an interview with the TV news channel "24."

"Those who use social networks see this and understand this. For this aim, we need to unite respected people in social networks and they will tell the truth to everyone who reads them," Stets said.

The minister gave no details on the number of bloggers needed to make the project efficient. "The more, the better. They will become the Internet army of Ukraine," he stressed.

Stets earlier said that Russian journalists and media representatives should not stay in Ukraine.

The Ministry of Information Policy, dubbed the "ministry of truth" after George Orwell's novel "1984," was established by the Ukrainian government in early December. The ministry has been tasked with forging Ukraine’s image and taking measures to "prevent external influence on the domestic information space."

Stets earlier said that the ministry was only established for a period of combat operations in the country. Its key goals are to create the strategy of information policy and the concept of the country’s information security.

Complete story at - TASS: World - Ukraine’s ‘ministry of truth’ to create Internet army

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