Friday, January 30, 2015

English Speaking Mercenary in Mariupol ID’d as Brit Leon Swampy From London, England | The Daily Lede blog

Talka notes: While this ID is certainly a possibility, it doesn't seem all that conclusive to me. There's no note of exactly how or why this person has been identified as the English speaking person in the Mariupol video posted earlier. He has also disappeared from all social media. That may or may not mean a thing too.

An English speaking mercenary seen in a video following the assault on Mariupol early Saturday has been identified through social media as British-born Leon Swampy.

Swampy can be seen toward the end of the following video guiding a video journalist through a schoolyard which had been struck by Grad rocket fire early Saturday in Mariupol.

Swampy was identified through his profile on the popular Ukrainian social media site vKontakte which lists 3 ‘noteworthy’ pages, one of which belonging to the Azov Battalion: “Azov” Special Purpose Regiment.

Complete story at - English Speaking Mercenary in Mariupol ID’d as Brit Leon Swampy From London, England | The Daily Lede blog

The video, again...

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