Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Classes in Kiev suspended due to cold |

The winter holiday for Kiev schools will last three instead of the usual two weeks in order to save heat

"Due to the energy saving regime implemented in Kiev, the City Council is forced to extend school winter holidays to three weeks, from December 27, 2014 to January 18, 2015 inclusively," Deputy Mayor for Humanitarian Issues Hanna Starostenko said.

She said that an extra holiday week would save 5 million hryvnias or $333,000. This will help keep the schools warm in a colder period, which usually comes in late January – early February, the mayor office’s press service quotes the official as saying. Starostenko added that “the school curriculum will be taught in full by making it more intensive.”

Ukraine is facing shortages of coal and gas needed to produce both heat and electricity. The country is forced to cut back on gas use due to the reduced amount purchased from Russia, while coal shortages are a result of the military operation in Donbas, where the majority of the country’s mines are located.

Kiev was reported on Monday to have resumed coal deliveries from Russia.

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