Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Antonov aircraft plant ceases production a year after Maidan protests |

All contracts were annulled, and Dmitro Kyva, the plant’s CEO and chief designer, was fired

"Our firm is being readily prepared for privatization. I can tell you this as a labor committee official. All contracts for our aircraft are being canceled due to the war, even though we only produce civil aircraft. Raiders were led into the facility again before the elections. So far, our wages are being paid late, but there is a risk that payments will stop altogether. New management will be forced on us, and then the company will be privatized," a plant employee said.

Other employees believe that The Boeing Company, one of the world's largest airspace and military producers, is behind the recent events.

Antonov is one of the largest industrial producers left in Kiev. It was the first to protest after the Euromaidan, when the government sacked CEO Dmitro Kyva, who had headed the company since late 2008.

"Maidan was the degradation and the death of the nation. Anyone who calls the Maidan protests, which were sponsored by the organized oligarchy in league with the US and Europe to destroy Ukraine, the expression of the people's will is but a liar and a provoker. The events in Ukraine have shown the world the rotten nature of color revolutions," blogger varjag_2007 wrote.

Complete story at - Antonov aircraft plant ceases production a year after Maidan protests |

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