Saturday, November 22, 2014

Walls in central Kiev painted with slogans supporting Novorossiya |

Slogans supporting the Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics and against the Ukrainian government have appeared on walls in the center of Kiev

Residents living in the central areas of the Ukrainian capital reported the appearance of the slogans via Facebook.

"First, someone placed a Donetsk People’s Republic flag not far from my home. Then slogans appeared on the walls of my building. And today, they were spotted near my daughter’s school," Kiev resident Miriam Dragina wrote on her Facebook page.

The following slogans were painted in black on one of the walls in Russian: "Glory to Donetsk People’s Republic," "We Will Hang You" and "Forward Novorossiya."

Earlier, similar slogans supporting Novorossiya appeared on Trukhanov Island in Kiev. They called for peace and an end to the so-called anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine. Several weeks ago, a flag of Novorossiya was flown in Kiev’s Lviv Square and remained there for several hours. The law enforcement agencies have failed to detect who installed the flag and how.

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