Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Isolated? Russia Signs Historic Resource-Sharing Agreement with Caspian Neighbors - Russia Insider

In a monumental move, Russia just sealed a deal with its Caspian neighbors to delineate the disputed maritime borders between them.

This move carries with it enormous geopolitical meaning, and in no particular order, here are some of the most significant results:
Russian Leadership: Russia has demonstrated that it is capable of leading a regional and diverse group of actors to an understanding that even the UN and its Convention on the Law of the Sea couldn’t achieve after over two decades (and to which Azerbaijan and Iran almost went to war over in 2001).

Russian Inclusion: This agreement shatters the narrative that the West has ‘isolated’ Russia, as it is clearly the hegemon in the Caspian, and accordingly, has strong influence over what has been previously forecasted as one of the largest untapped energy regions in the world.

Iranian Opening: All of the cooperative countries in the Caspian are showing that they will cooperate and interact with Iran in this regard, not only opening the avenue for future cooperation in other spheres, but clearly showing that Iran, too, is not isolated
Complete story at - Isolated? Russia Signs Historic Resource-Sharing Agreement with Caspian Neighbors - Russia Insider


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