Thursday, September 4, 2014

Soon you will have to feel what the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk feel now — Novorossiya News Agency

‘The HRW believes that the parade of shame violates the Geneva Convention. Phosphorus shells, needle ammunition and rockets Tochka hitting towns and cities; all this is normal for the HRW’

Concerning the parade in Donetsk.

Humiliating prisoners of war is not right. From the point of view of both law and human morality. If it is morality of the time of peace, though. But there is a war going on in Donbass. It is a war in which all laws have already been violated. Even if in Kiev you could have heard about this war just vaguely.

But it is not you, beasts, who have a right of judging. You kept silence when the battalion Azov and Lyashko were torturing Kakidzyanov in front of the camera. You kept silence when the Traffic Control uploaded a video of an unarmed captive being kicked in the kidneys by the battalion Dnepr 1. You kept silence when a group of SBU soldiers were dragging the associate professor Alexy Samoylov with his face on the asphalt and his 5-year-old granddaughter watching in Kharkov. You kept silence when the SBU had dug a hole in the ground to keep captives there near Uzyum. You kept silence when the SBU soldiers had beaten up the journalist Babchenko who had tried to defend and justify you before.

So, now shove your opinion up into your ass. It is you, beasts, who started this lawlessness. You shouldn’t get surprised when you get it in response. Moreover, I’m sure that it is just a beginning. And it will come to all of you. Because it is precisely your silent agreement that allowed lawlessness, which has had no analogues in the whole modern history of Europe for a very long time, to be going on in Donbass.

Complete story at - Soon you will have to feel what the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk feel now — Novorossiya News Agency

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