Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Something to "Point At"? - WW III Moving Forward?

Not that you would know it by reading or viewing mainstream news last week, World War III took a very big leap towards going live. First, last Wednesday was the biggest news when Gazprom announced they would be selling oil and gas for rubles and yuan. We knew for a fact this was coming sooner or later, it has arrived. It is so important that you understand what this really means. This is the very first time since 1973 where oil will be traded with public terms NOT being dollars. Yes, Iran is and has been selling oil for gold and euros over the last couple of years but not “publicly” so to speak. Gazprom which is Russia’s equivalent to the American’s ExxonMobil has announced this publicly and as their new policy. As I wrote several weeks back, now you must ask yourself who will follow Gazprom’s example?

The following day (Thursday), there were NATO reports of Russian troops and hardware crossing the Ukraine border. I saw a report of an estimated 20,000 troops, but this link was taken down immediately and I believe it to be false. Russia has continually denied they have troops within sovereign Ukraine. Then came Friday, the U.S. proposed further sanctions and British Prime Minister Cameron proposed locking Russia out of the SWIFT system. Do you see a pattern here? Russia moves step by step further from the dollar which is followed by the West turning the screws tighter to start a live war. We have had several reports of “Russia invading” or “Russian tanks destroyed” and even an airliner actually shot down in an effort to spark war but Mr. Putin refuses so far to take the bait.

Let me switch gears here for a moment and then come back. If you look around the world today, there are many situations big enough to “point at.” What do I mean by “point at?” Think about this, the U.S. and the dollar system is clearly financially upside down and not viable any longer. How would it “look” if all of a sudden one Monday morning the banks and markets did just not open because a panic started? When I say “look,” I am talking about the “perception” to the common man. This cannot be allowed to happen, there absolutely MUST be “something” to point at as the reason or the cause.

What could these reasons or causes be? Are they or will they be real or manufactured? Before listing some possibilities I do want to point out the obvious, the world is (has been) totally interconnected with the use of dollars, banking, financial and trade systems, and of course the $1.4 quadrillion worth of time bombs planted all over the world. A cascade of financial collapse, once started will not be reversible and will take everything with it.

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