Saturday, September 13, 2014

Kiev Coup is Collapsing | New Eastern Outlook

Once again we see Western aggression leaving nothing but death, destruction and broken states in its wake. There is the old saying that we all are supposed to learn from our mistakes in life, but that is a dead cliché now. We do just the opposite by repeating them over and over. How stupid is that?

The Kiev Coup-meisterings are staggering around like a Spanish bull at the end of a Sunday fight, tired and bleeding. They seem to have no strategy other than lie after lie, their favorite being “The Russians are invading!!” If the military high command had the brains and the guts, they would do a counter-coup, crush the Right-Sector and the Oligarchs, and save what is left of the country. How do I know they don’t have the guts? If they did, they would have done it already.

The West has pulled out all the stops to hide what is happening. Corporate media has gone propaganda all way in this fiasco. Kiev’s under-reporting of its killed and wounded has set a world record. Palace guard troops seem to be outfitted well and can fight accordingly. The regular units have Soviet-trained officers.

The Right Sector battalions seem to prefer fighting unarmed civilians, and of course shelling them. When they are attacked, they give ground while retreating to the nearest regular army unit for support. The National Guard units seem to be on the end of the supply chain and with corresponding morale to show for it. I watched one video of a soldier demonstrating how to dress, roast and eat a snake. But frankly, I prefer the old fashioned lunch box.

For the units that were sent off on flanking movements with no support, they found themselves getting supplied with excuses instead of the needed combat maneuver supplies. The New Republic forces have used the expected tactics of attacking supply columns to resupply themselves, while wearing down the flanking Kiev forces with harassing attacks and mobile warfare.

Most of the Ukie formations that have surrendered were doing so when basically out of anyone to fight with, or when needing medical care for their wounded. They realized they were being used as sacrificial lambs to draw defense troops away from the major cities to make them easier for the main Kiev units to take.

Complete story at - Kiev Coup is Collapsing | New Eastern Outlook

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