Monday, September 8, 2014

In Avakov's Eyes Killing People, a Small Price for Nazification of Ukraine and Suppressing the Revolt of Oligarchs' "Slaves"

Just before midnight on September 5, thus only some five hours after the introduction of the strange and politically problematic ceasefire agreed upon in Minsk on the same day, Arsen Avakov gave a TV interview. He came to the interview from the session of the inner security circle of the junta itself. Evidently, a key topic of the briefing of the security strongmen of the junta was planning, strategy and a course action with respect to the "ceasefire." The ceasefire was also, consequently, the topic which opened the interview.

In this case, Avakov's fatigue, arrogance, and insider's knowledge all  combined to reveal not only the character of this Nazi oligarch, but also much of the character of the current oligarchic regime in Kiev, which came to power through "the February revolution," as Avakov dubbed the Maidan putsch in this interview.

The interview is thus very revealing  and also very instruction. How do you know when you talk to a Nazi? Avakov shows how. He is in charge of the ministry of interior, hence also the police. In addition, he is also in charge of the so-called National Guard, which is formed as storm troopers or junta's special forces. These battalions are formed of people who sign up for strictly political and ideological reasons. That's why the Azov battalion with explicit Nazi symbolism is one of them.

The so-called ceasefire

On the subject of the ceasefire, Avakov had to say right off the following: "The agreed ceasefire is nothing but a clever cunning on our part in order to achieve what we want, which is to win." To this effect, the ceasefire is but a small tactical measure; the strategic goal is to overthrow "Putin, the tyrant" and to change the system of Russia itself. This real greater objective and the current war in Ukraine were "planned for years and even for decades." If so, then the personality of Putin is used both as a cover and symbolic shortcut for this decades-old plan.

Complete story at - In Avakov's Eyes Killing People, a Small Price for Nazification of Ukraine and Suppressing the Revolt of Oligarchs' "Slaves"

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