Monday, September 8, 2014

EU Gas Supply Is In Real And Imminent Danger - The Automatic Earth

More accusations fly Across The Media, Like SO MANY flocks of Canada geese, Direct of Russian involvement in Ukraine. Much is Made of an interview with Donetsk National Republic Leader Alexander Zakharchenko, in Which he "admits" there are Russian volunteers on Fighting His Side. 

To The West, That's ALL The Proof they 'need. There are 1000 Russians in Ukraine, cries NATO. That does not make Them The Russian army though,. If there are only 1000, That Would be Disappointing. These are People Who are Seeing their Family Just Across The border shot to bits. 

Zakharchenko Also SAID That Were there French and Other nationals on Fighting The Same Side is not deemed worth Reporting. Just Like not much has been Made of The MANY Thousands of German, British, French, Belgian, Dutch, Canadian and American nationals Fighting in Syria and Iraq, Mostly on The Side of The IS. Than The Other British guy in The beheading Video, and The US citizen Who got killed. 

So The Commerce Department Just really raised ITS Q2 US GDP estimate to 4.2%, one day after the CBO lowered its 2014 Estimate to 1.5%? Oh my. What's next? 

I'm Still Thinking That Even IF Russia Were Involved in Ukraine, Why Would That make Putin A devil? After ALL, We Know Where The Ukraine army gets ITS Financing from, and it too has MANY - Foreign - Mercenaries on ITS payroll. 

Does anyone Still think Putin is going to call uncle on this one? Should You have been reading The Automatic Earth over The Past year. He Will not, and he CAN not. 

Complete story at - EU Gas Supply Is In Imminent Danger And Real - The Automatic Earth

CC Photo Google Image Search Source is www lngworldnews com Subject is Myanmar China Gas Pipeline Officially Inaugurated

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