Thursday, September 25, 2014

12 Reasons Putin is So Popular - Russia Insider

1. Per capita GDP went up from $1,300 in 1999 to $13,000 in 2011 and is over $16,000 now.

2. Forex reserves have gone up from £12 billion in 1999 to £470 billion today.

3. Russia’s unemployment rate was 14.6% in 1999. Today it is 4.9%. In 1999 in the US it was 4.1%. Today it is 6.2%. In the euro area it is 11.6%.

4. In 1999 Russia imported wheat. Today Russia is a wheat exporter.

5. Russia’s economy is growing whilst the euro area’s economy is struggling.

6. Russian male life expectancy in 1999 was 58. Today it is 65

7. In 1999 Russia’s birth rate was 8.30. The US birth rate in 2000 was much higher at 14.1. Today Russia has a higher birth rate than the US.

8. In 1999 Russia’s population was declining. Today it is growing and has done so continuously since 2009.

9. For the first time in history a car can drive from Moscow to Vladivostok on a decent road, symbolic of huge improvements in infrastructure.

10. Under Putin Russia no longer gets pushed around but hits back.

11. More Russians than ever say they are optimistic about their future.

12. Putin’s approval ratings are sky high at 84 %. Obama’s are 39%. Cameron’s are 35%. Hollande’s are 13%!. Only Merkel’s aren't downright embarrassing at 64%.

Complete story at - 12 Reasons Putin is So Popular - Russia Insider

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