Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Vladimir Suchan: Kolomoysky on behalf of Ukrainian fascism: Oligarchy in Ukraine is dead!

Recently, Igor Kolomeysky, the principal financier and brain behind the Ukainian fascist oligarchy, gave an interview to Poroshenko's TV 5th Channel. In that interview, he tried to do a remarkable thing--to deny that the same oligarchs who controlled everything in Ukraine before the Maidan are still there (now with lots of help from avowed fascists) and that they are oligarchs.

An interesting question, worthy of a graduate seminar at which students like to defend sometimes the most implausible opinions, then is how to deny what is a basic and most self-evident fact?

As Kolomeysky knows or believes, it is quite simple: one has to deny the obvious. One just needs to do it very authoritatively and announce it, if possible, through controlled "public", that is, corporate media, if possible through the very same which the self-same oligarchs control. For would the oligarchs lie?

So this what Kolomeysky said in order to assure the deceived people of Ukraine: "With the flight of Yanukovich, oligarchy has died here. And with the attack on Ukraine by Russia, there are no oligarchs in our country anymore."

Kolomeysky's brazen denial contains within itself an interesting sophism though. For, however, his denial is stupid, it might still work for those who do need something--anything--to maintain their denial or reality and cognitive assistance. In this regard, and for those people, almost anything what dear leaders say is good enough.

But Kolomeysky himself is no stupid man. I do believe that he is by far the most cunning and smart brain with the fascist oligarchy has. And this means that Kolomeysky's stupid statement does also contain or hide within some more interesting points. To indicate what it could be, one has to be a bit esoteric. In this light, Kolomeysky's declaration indicates several things:

Complete story at - Vladimir Suchan: Logos politikos: Kolomoysky on behalf of Ukrainian fascism: Oligarchy in Ukraine is dead!Me CorporateNews

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