Monday, August 11, 2014


In Part 1 we’ve looked at the basic facts of the so-called Slavyansk Crucifixion and the helpful investigations by Anatoly Shariy and Evgeny Feldman, but now it’s time to consider the work of the real debunkers.

We’ve already met Julia Davis through her role in the Fake Picture Scam, but since she’s likely to be a recurrent figure in any discussion of media distortion she merits a few words of introduction of her own.

Julia Davis calls herself a ‘whistleblower’, and so indeed she is - but where others have championed ordinary people against the oppression of the US government, Ms Davis’ contribution was to blame the US government for not being oppressive enough. Brave she may have been, victimized she certainly was – but Daniel Elsberg or Chelsea Manning she ain’t.

What she is is a matter of public record. She’s employed by the US Dept of Homeland Security, and since she spends most working days tweeting and blogging in support of Kiev it’s not hard to guess what that job really entails. In fairness we should also say that this is clearly a labour of love. Ukrainian by birth, she evidently shares the nationalist ideals of Svoboda and the Right Sector, and when she’s not gloating over the bodies of dead Russians she enjoys little jokes about Moskals and Colorado beetles.

Complete story at - The Unwashed Brain: INVESTIGATING THE SLAVYANSK CRUCIFIXION Part Two

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