Sunday, July 13, 2014

Anatoly Karlin - A Top 20 List from Mark Sleboda

Mark Sleboda - My Top 20 of Who I Read/Follow/Listen to (in English) on Ukraine (those on our side anyway, enemy PoV is another list).

These are my go-to's everyday or whenever they write.

And please note we often have some very real discussions, debates, disagreements, different PoV's, cat and ego fights etc:

1. Anatoly Karlin / Da Russophile FB, Twitter, blog
2. Vineyard of the Saker 
3. Vladimir Suchan FB, Twitter, blog
4. Patrick Armstrong 
5. Leos Tomíček FB, Austere Insomniac blog
6. Peter Lavelle / CrossTalk (where we ALL get together to debate) 
7. Alexander Mercouris 
8. Andrew Korybko 
9. Eric Kraus (financial, economic import) Truth, Beauty, and Russian Finance zine
10. Eric Draitser (what Western lefties think of all this) 
11. Steven Cohen 
12. Seumas Milne (when he writes on topic at Guardian)
13. Nina Kouprianova FB/Twitter
14. Dmitri Linnik VoR 
15. Dmitry Babichi VoR, Ria 
16. Gleb Bazov (translations+statements from Strelkov, NAF)
17. Brad Cabaña/Rock Solid Politics (Twitter events newsfeed) 
18. Catherine (Twitter events newsfeed) 
19. Steiner (Twitter events newsfeed) 
20. Moon of Alabama blog 

And of course RT, VoR, Ria Novosti, and Itar-Tass.

And our Russian philosophical/geopolitical guru (who we often nonetheless disagree with in methodology, tactics, and political rhetoric) even though he writes mostly in Russian Alexandr Dugin

And I fully expect Graham William Phillips to be back in the Game once he gets back from that football silliness (raw video, man on the street PoV interviews)

Oh - and of course my Crimean card-carrying Commie/Fortune 500 Director wife, Elena, although she doesn't do politics on social media, so you can't follow her. Still trying to convince her to join the fray though

Complete story at - Anatoly Karlin

Dang, my blog isn't on this list. At least not yet!

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