Sunday, June 22, 2014

National Guard soldiers rebel against Kiev > - Strategic Culture Foundation

NoBC4U Note: The Ukrainian National Guard is made up mostly of Right Sector Nazis.

Soldiers of the Ukrainian National Guard say that they are going to go to Kiev to ask questions to defense officials and Interior Minister Avakov.

The commander of the third company of the first reserve battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine, who at the end of May returned with his company from the zone of the "antiterrorist operation," said that there was a mutiny in their military unit. The lieutenant said that their battalion does not exist.

According to him, the servicemen received IDs of the 6th and 10th battalions that do not exist in the 36th unit either.

"We do not exist. There is no record that we were in Slavyansk, that we received weapons - nothing," said the lieutenant.

A video, shows the military men standing near the bus stop, saying that they are going to Kiev to ask questions to the Secretary RNBO Parubiya, the National Guard Commander, Lieutenant General Poltorak and Interior Minister Avakov, "who was shaking our hands, telling us that we were his only hope."

Complete story at - National Guard soldiers rebel against Kiev > - Strategic Culture Foundation

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