Friday, March 13, 2015

The Greanville Post • Vol. IX | Navigating the news – Or how to cut through media lies

We are swamped with news every single day. We all say that the media lie, but there’s a problem: most events are usually portrayed in a contradictory fashion in different media outlets. So while we have access to a lot of information and we know that a large part, maybe even the majority of the reported news in mainstream media (but also in alternative media), is either wrong or plain propaganda – COINTELPRO – how can we know what’s really going on?

Take the recent murder of the Russian politician, Boris Nemtsov. Most Western mainstream media squarely point to the Russian state as the perpetrator, or some rogue elements within it, and by extension, to its president Vladimir Putin. At the very least, they suggest it and perhaps attribute some attitude of facilitation or laissez-faire in order to harvest any potentially beneficial political fall-out. The other side calls it a false-flag operation, aided and abetted by Western powers to create chaos and inflame tensions within Russia, to create a “critical mass” that would, at some point in the future, get rid of the current leaders of Russia and impose a new government more in line with Western economic and geopolitical aspirations.

How can we ever get a clear idea of the truth behind the news and where the responsibility lies for what happens in the world with any degree of certainty?

In order to get to a reasonable understanding of current – or past – events, and to get to a reasonably well-defined idea of who is pulling the strings behind any given event, we’re going to need a useful methodology. Of course, for some events it is easier than others. Sometimes information is scarce and the party responsible will do everything to cover their tracks. Some events are buried in the past and much of the information is simply not easily accessible anymore, altogether missing, or available only to a handful of specialized individuals with the right access and accreditation.

The components of this methodology are the following:

  • History tends to repeat itself 
  • Facts – especially, early facts
  • Cui bono
  • Bias
  • Intuition

Let’s have a look at each more closely.


Complete story at - The Greanville Post • Vol. IX | Navigating the news – Or how to cut through media lies

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