Thursday, January 22, 2015

Putin Conspiracy Theorists Strike Again - On US Public TV (PBS) » American University in Moscow

Gilbert Doctorow, Ph.D.

Gilbert Doctorow is a Research Fellow of the American University in Moscow

• The segment's shocking revelations are nothing more than uncritical regurgitations from Karen Dawisha’s hit piece Putin’s Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia?
• Obligatory tears for Khodorkovsky, of course
• There's even some word salad tossed by The Economist's Edward Lucas
• A serious embarrassment for PBS. They are usually able to rise above this kind of Russia mud-slinging so prevalent in the mainstream media.

The just released Frontline program "Putin’s Way” is a masterpiece of the western "Czar Putin" campfire story, destilled to perfection.

In the segment, PBS chucks its coveted journalistic guidelines straight out the window, relying almost entirely on worn-out speculation and bogeyman fairytales peddled by the likes of The Economist's Putin-hater-in-chief, Edward Lucas.

The accusations made are not even groundbreaking; the program, from start to finish, is a spectacular promotional piece for Karen Dawisha’s book Putin’sKleptocracy: Who Owns Russia?, the narrative of which it follows closely while even giving us cameo appearances by the author.

This show comes on top of a lengthy feature review of the book by Washington Post blowhard Anne Applebaum, which was published last week in The New York Review of Books.

Hats off to Dawisha and her agent: this type of promotion sure beats signing ceremonies at bookstores.

Complete story at - Putin Conspiracy Theorists Strike Again - On US Public TV (PBS) » American University in Moscow

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