Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Vladimir Suchan: Logos politikos: Angela Merkel, the New Dominatrix of Europe, Demands from Putin Proper Behavior over Ukraine

Angela Merkel is more and more assuming a role of dominatrix with respect to Russia. After hosting Yatsenyuk, the "let's-cleanse-the subhumans" prime minister of Ukraine who, on that occasion, vowed to save Germany and Ukraine from a repeat of "Russian aggression" from 1945, Merkel is now openly trying to dictate to Putin and Moscow Russia's actions (or the lack of actions) in Ukraine. She declared that the four-party meeting in Astana over Ukraine will not happen unless Russia properly behaves and makes some decisive concession (carrying out its "obligations" which Moscow took upon itself under the Minsk Deal).

That was the stern message which Merkel delivered as a dominatrix's non-negotiable demand to Putin over the phone on Saturday, January 10.

This demand--to deliver on the would-be capitulation in Minsk--has thus become now an explicit and open demand without further ado by this new dominatrix of Europe. That Russia offer the people of Donbass and antifascist fighters on a platter to the Nazi junta and Merkel's new Germany is now an apparently non-negotiable demand and the EU/West's negotiating position for tomorrow's meeting of the foreign ministers of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France, which will apparently determine if the Astana meeting due on January 15 will be held. Merkel is trying to make it clear that the West and she too is willing to negotiate only Russia's defeat and surrender.

In this regard, Merkel had no problem inviting and embracing Yatsenyuk, who is actually one of the junta's key decision-makers responsible for the Odessa massacre, in which over 100 people were burned alive and hacked and beaten to death by Ukranian Nazi paramilitary battalions with the assistance of the junta's security.

Complete story at - Vladimir Suchan: Logos politikos: Angela Merkel, the New Dominatrix of Europe, Demands from Putin Proper Behavior over Ukraine

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