Tuesday, March 3, 2015

35,000 Volunteers Reportedly Sign up for Ukraine's 'Information Army' on First Day - Russia Insider

35,000 individuals have reportedly signed up to join Ukraine’s ‘information army’ - the new project drafted by the country’s Ministry of Information Policy which seeks to combat the “Russian occupation on the information front”.

The new initiative, which seeks to mobilise Ukrainian bloggers to post their accounts of the war online, was made live earlier this month in a bid to counter Russian propaganda coverage of the conflict.

“I would not want to say how many have signed up by now, that would not be right of me to do. What I can say is that on the first day around 35,000 people registered,” Ukraine’s minister of information policy Yury Stenets told Russian independent TV channel Dozhd.

“We are not going to create fake news, we are not going to talk nonsense and we will not speak untrue things,” he said. “As soon as one starts doing that, it becomes ineffective.”

According to Stenets one of the main tasks of these “information troops” will be to help journalists report truthfully about the conflict.

Complete story at - 35,000 Volunteers Reportedly Sign up for Ukraine's 'Information Army' on First Day - Russia Insider

Notes: I'd say it looks like this will be pretty ineffective. There's Lies, Damned Lies, and Ukrainian Government Lies.

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