Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Genocide in Novorossia and swan song of Ukrainian statehood | Oriental Review

The tragic events in Odessa, where neo-Nazi militants have burned alive at least 50 people, are already being called a new Khatyn. The parallels are so striking that this image instantly infiltrated the world’s consciousness. And the same perpetrators were responsible. The residents of Khatyn were incinerated by the 118th Nazi police battalion, made up of mostly Ukrainian military personnel from the Nachtigall and Roland police battalions under Abwehr command that were originally created with the assistance of Stepan Bandera. At the beginning of the war, Nachtigall was led by Roman Shukhevych, who later assigned his thugs to a new punitive unit. The residents of Odessa were killed in a fire set by a new generation of fascists who roam the streets of Ukrainian cities clutching portraits of Bandera and Shukhevych.

* * *

The Khatyn massacre in Odessa has created a new reality, in which Ukrainian citizens, whose only goal is to defend their language, way of life, and values, stand in opposition to the neo-Nazi junta in their own capital of Kiev. Unlike the Donbass, where there is an armed militia, the protests in Odessa were entirely peaceful. But the Rubicon was crossed in Odessa on May 2. The taboo against the killing of peaceful civilians by armed militants no longer exists. It is no coincidence that a few hours after the tragedy in Odessa, the National Guard began ruthlessly shooting the residents of Kramatorsk who were attempting to block armored vehicles by standing in their path. It’s possible that many of them did not even know what had happened in Odessa where their fellow Ukrainian citizens had been set ablaze right in front of the indifferent police forces while the neo-Nazis shouted, “Burn, Russians!” and “Death to the damn Russians!” and that those who escaped the fire were finished off with axes and clubs, all to the tune of the Ukrainian national anthem – a song that will now always be associated with the Khatyn in Odessa.

The latest information about the tragedy indicates that on May 2, the leaders of the junta staged a provocation and consequent punitive action against the citizens of Odessa, in order to reduce or utterly destroy the spirit of unrest there that could potentially lead to open resistance to the Banderite regime, as it had in Donetsk, Lugansk, and Slavyansk.

With this goal, fighters from the special task force Vostok (East) and Storm battalions, sponsored by Ukrainian multi-billionaire Ihor Kolomoysky, were brought into the city dressed in civilian garb. The so-called “14th company of Euromaidan Self-Defense Force” from Kiev, which had been actively involved in the riots in that city on April 29, was also involved.

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  1. Could you, please, write up an explanation of the graphic shown above of "New Russia?" I see several flags incorporated into the design, but I don't understand what they mean or why each is shown across it's particular territory, and I'd like to understand the significance of your graphic. I will visit your site again to see if you have posted an explanation, or maybe you could post an explanation in this comments section. Thank you...

  2. The six regions are:

    With the Swastika: Fascist Galicia
    Just below that, to the left: Carpathian Ruthenia
    Blue and Yellow in the middle: Ukraine
    Bottom Center: Odessa Republic
    Far Right: Novorossiya
    Crimea: Russian Federation

    Do keep in mind that this is one person's vision of a future Ukraine. This is by no means the only one. Most show a split into less than six pieces.


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