Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Yatsenyuk proposes renting Cabinet building to Hilton Hotels |

Talk notes: This is the next logical step it seems. Unlike the USA, where only the Senators and Representative are all for sale, Ukraine wants to sell off government buildings as well.  And then move to more suitable surroundings.  Like an "upscale hotel."

Yatsenyuk proposes renting Cabinet building to Hilton Hotels

One of the top priorities of the Yatsenyuk-led government should be relocating to another building.

The initiative belongs to the Kiev-based Novoye Vremya weekly. According to the newspaper, none of the people who have joined the new government likes working in the present Soviet-era Cabinet building.

"All who have been inside the buildings of the Cabinet and the presidential administration acknowledge that it looks incredibly Soviet. The portraits of Soviet leaders in gilded frames on the walls, long empty corridors with roll-carpeted floors like in a train compartment, enormous studies and desks with many telephones that do not have dials on them," the newspaper writes, adding that it all was too archaic.

It advises the government to relocate from its present headquarters on Hrushevskoho Street to an upscale hotel.

"Government officials should leave their pagan pre-Christian studies with portraits of deities and chairs in Louis XIV style and move to a business center with convenient working places and carpet flooring. As for the old building in Stalin Empire style, it could be offered to Hilton or Marriott," the newspaper suggests.

Earlier, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk warned that Ukraine’s 2015 budget would be tough and complicated with across-the-board spending cuts (including salaries, social welfare, pensions, etc.). "In 2015, our goal is to survive," Yatsenyuk said.

Complete story at - Yatsenyuk proposes renting Cabinet building to Hilton Hotels |

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