Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ukraine: dream on |

Author Platon Besedin about how dreams come crashing down

I’m in Kiev, and once again I often hear the opinion that Ukraine should for a while remain on its own, independent, and isolated, raise true patriots and shed its dependence on Russia and its fascination with the West. This is known as Ukraine’s special path.

There are plenty of people who talk this way, both in the media and in ordinary life. We are not slaves, they say.

This comes amid the constant uplifting talk about European integration, how good it will be in the EU and how they are all waiting for the Ukrainians there.

As a matter of fact, the country’s division began when ex-President Viktor Yanukovych, at the prompting of his renegade “soul-mates,” decided to move into Europe full steam ahead. It did not work out very well: Brussels offered slavery, Kiev froze, and a pretext to deal with the old government, some sections of the population and the country as a whole was found.

A little later – in the new, pure, incorrupt post-Maidan Ukraine – Arsenyi Yatsenyuk also refused to approve such agreements. As for Poroshenko, who is apparently prepared to do anything, he was told to wait. The Ukrainian train ground to a halt at a small station in the middle of nowhere. Nevertheless, there was still hope that Brussels would take it in.

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