Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ukrainian journalist suggests Donbas residents be 'mercifully' killed | Ukraina.ru

NoBC4U Note: Yet another "journalist" from Hromadske.tv advocating genocide. And Hromadske.tv is financed by the Dutch and the US government. Nice friends you've got there...

Hromadske.tv journalist Anastasia Stanko suggested a missile and bomb strike be carried out against Donbas

On her Facebook page, she openly put forth this idea as a way to stop the sufferings of the starving people.

Some visitors to her page, the so-called Ukrainian patriots, have openly supported her appeal.

"I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but then I think that they’re our towns and we will have to rebuild them afterwards…however…" one of them wrote.

In late August, Stanko was detained in the Luhansk People’s Republic on suspicion of spying. The "cruel Luhansk terrorists" treated her and her cameraman to a cup of tea with cookies and let them go.

Complete story at - Ukrainian journalist suggests Donbas residents be 'mercifully' killed | Ukraina.ru

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