Friday, January 23, 2015

'Send Ukrainian slavs to die' is Washington's order to Poroshenko. Ukraine's "shock and awe" attack falls flat. Novorussia beats back attack - Red Pill Times

Here is the Ukraine putsch government logic for you:

• Putin calls on Ukrainian military, Donbass militias to take measures to stop shelling.
• Poroshenko received a written message from Russian President Putin on Thursday night with a concrete plan for both sides of the conflict to withdraw their heavy artillery.
• Poroshenko rejects the plan for peace without offering any alternatives.
• Kiev instead orders a full scale military attack on East Ukraine, opting to make a massive military style “shock and awe” offensive with tanks, ballistic missiles, and bombers.
• Ukraine putsch government attack fails miserably, as a Novorussian counteroffensive starts picking up speed.
• Kiev forces are in mass retreat in Peski (it was is described as a bloodbath), Mariupol is about to undergo a Novorussian offensive, Airport is still (contrary to Ukrainian propaganda and lazy main stream media reporting) under Novorussian control.
• A Ukrainian journalist working for TV channel 112, Ruslan Kotsaba, has asked Ukrainians to boycott military mobilization, describing the events on the Donbass as a civil war in which “DPR supermen” are killing “VSU [Ukrainian army] supermen.”
• After defeat, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has announced that Kiev is ready to participate in consultations of the trilateral contact group with the parties that signed the Minsk agreements.

Complete story at - 'Send Ukrainian slavs to die' is Washington's order to Poroshenko. Ukraine's "shock and awe" attack falls flat. Novorussia beats back attack, goes on counteroffensive - Red Pill Times

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Obama: "Glory to Ukraine"  Battering Ram: "To the heroes, glory!"

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