Friday, January 23, 2015

The Real Ukrainian Offensive against Donbass Is Yet to Come - Russia Insider

I have to admit the increased fighting in the last few days has been a surprise for me. For one thing, I expected an attack later in the year because right now the weather conditions are bad and very much favor the defenders.

I also expected a heavy fire preparation of the battlefield (meaning that the Ukrainians would shell Novorussian positions) followed by a push by Ukrainian armor along several well defined axes. I expected the Novorussians to retreat to pull-in the attacking Ukrainians into firepockets and then gradually destroy them. This is not at all what actually happened.

First, the Ukrainians continued shelling, but not the Novorussian forces, but the usual terrorist shelling of the civilian neighborhoods of Donesk and other cities, Gorlovka, in particular, has suffered terribly and is completely in ruins. That kind of shelling makes the Ukrainians feel good, but it serves no military purpose.

Second, there was not concentrated attack of Ukrainian armor. 2 tanks here, 4 thanks there, but nothing like the heavy armor attack the Ukrainians could in theory launch.

So yes, the Ukrainianss did try to attack at the airport, and the combats there for a while were extremely intense, no doubt about that, but these were limited attack. The same deal goes for the town of Peski which now is mostly in Novorussian hands: the combat operations there were very intense, and the Ukrainians are still dug in the the northern outskirts of the town, but the size of the entire battle is still clearly local.

Complete story at - The Real Ukrainian Offensive against Donbass Is Yet to Come - Russia Insider

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