Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Are We Being Duped Into A War With Russia? • A True Independent Scotland


Once you are aware that the mainstream press and TV are nothing more than propaganda outlets for the ruling elite, their deception begins to stick out like a sore thumb. We have witnessed the propagandist’s formula for gaining public support for war over recent times with the ousting of Saddam Hussein, Col Gadhafi, and the on-going attempted deposing of President Assad of Syria.

The formula is always the same, first they start drifting out negative stories about their target government and its leader, this builds up over a short period of time and usually reaches a climax when all the mainstream media start painting the leader as a cartoon character or caricature.

The next part of the formula is to then demonise the target leader, usually by applying the tried and tested “Hitler or NAZI” label. This will be swiftly followed by claims that the target leader has either, WMD’S, chemical weapons, training terrorists or is building a nuclear bomb. This propaganda is sometimes accelerated with a “false flag” attack like a chemical weapon attack or a political assassination. Sometimes they will stir discontent by arming a “controlled opposition or fake freedom fighters” which they fund and direct.

The war mongers will then claim the target leader is a “serious danger to peace and stability” or “are capable of striking western cities with some form of ghastly weapon” and demand sanctions be placed on the whole country. They will then go into a false “frenzy of diplomacy” making demands that are impossible for their target to meet…..then they will take us to war.

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