Monday, January 19, 2015

Red Cross files report on Kiev war crimes with International Criminal Court |

The Moscow office of the Red Cross has filed a report with the International Criminal Court in The Hague on crimes committed by the Ukrainian forces in Donbas, Red Cross representative and lawyer Igor Trunov said

"We have received a response from the public prosecutor of the ICC in The Hague that our petition for an investigation into the facts of crimes against humanity committed by Ukrainian officials has been accepted for consideration," Trunov said.

He said that a special commission of the Moscow Red Cross presented evidence of war crimes committed in Ukraine's southeast.

"We have raised a question regarding the murder, massacre, enslavement, bombing of residential areas and pressure by starvation, committed by Ukrainian officials against civilians," Trunov said.

Ukrainian authorities have also been accused of "persecution on political, racial or religious grounds, the torture of prisoners and other crimes within the jurisdiction of the ICC tribunal."

Complete story at - Red Cross files report on Kiev war crimes with International Criminal Court |

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