Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ukraine’s colonial budget |

The Verkhovna Rada has never seen such high-handedness as it has during this year’s budgetary process – our contributor Alexander Belozerov

There is little point in analyzing the Ukrainian national budget for next year. First, the budget will be revised 10 or 20 times during the year. This was the case with previous budgets, and this one is no exception. Second, its social-Darwinian essence is obvious. Third, this year’s budgetary process as such is more revealing than the budget figures themselves.

"Get lost! For you, this is just a game, but for me, it’s my life. This is my 14th budget!" Mykola Azarov, the last professional head of state in independent Ukraine, said in 2006. He said that to those MPs who believed that nationalism was the only and sufficient condition for the prosperity of the former Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

Those remarks were very emotional, and Azarov was sorry he said it. The people who are now holding the positions of prime minister and finance minister are evidently not sorry about anything. Neither Yats [Yatsenyuk], as he is called by the organizers of the coup in Ukraine, nor Natalie Jaresko, a former State Department officer and now the finance minister of Ukraine.

Ukrainian MPs passed a resolution limiting the consideration of the draft budget to one day, even though a national budget typically is a text on some 30 pages with an explanatory note on 100 odd pages with an enormous amount of figures plus 10 or 15 appendices. Amazing! Instead of playing for time to secure more funding for themselves and the “right” people and instead of criticizing the government for propaganda purposes, the MPs meekly accepted the budget almost without any objections or amendments.

Or maybe this makes sense. It is difficult for “Cossacks,” fighters and other jingoists to understand documents as difficult as the national budget. Nor are all of the current MPs accustomed to embezzlement. So it may be just as well that the Cabinet of Ministers and the Finance Ministry made their life easier: They had only 24 hours (December 23-24) to study the texts and tables.

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