Monday, November 10, 2014

A Thank You to All My Visitors

Dear friends,

I would like to take a moment to thank everybody who has stopped by to visit my site both in the past, the present, and hopefully in the future.  In eight short months, I've already had over 130,000 visits.  This was certainly a big surprise for me!  I hope that you have found the stories that I've posted useful and informative.  But a strange thing has happened in the time since I started posting the stories. It was never my intention to have this blog be primarily about Russia and Ukraine. But it seems to have turned out that way, hasn't it?

What this means of course is that there are lots of other important stories that just don't get posted here.  I would love to have many more hours each day just to read and post.  But that's not really possible, is it?  So, I'd like to ask each of you for a little help.  Are there important stories I'm missing?  (Of course there are).  Please let me know about them!  They most certainly do not have to be about Ukraine or Russia; underreported stories, both political and economic and beyond, are welcome for submission. It can be about any part of the world. The BRICS nations, Europe, Asia, the Americas.

How to submit? Over in the sidebar, you see a link "submit a story". Just click there and leave your link in the comment section. Please note that the comments are moderated, so the link you submit will not be visible. But rest assured that this has been submitted and that I will look at it. I cannot promise that I will use each and every link submitted, but if I feel it's a good fit for the blog, I will most certainly post it.

Thanks for stopping by, and with your help I hope you'll find this site even more useful and informative in the future!


  1. A little while back you posted a story about an acquaintance who'd traveled to Russia, purchased some medicine, and brought it back to Ukraine (Kiev I think). It would be good to read more stories like that one. Original ones written be you. On another blog there was a commenter named "MS in Kiev" who would occasionally provide personal accounts of the goings on in Kiev during the spring. Somehow I got the impression that he/she was the owner of this blog. That person's stories, although few, were interesting.

    1. Well, truth be told, I used the name MS in Kiev on the Saker blog before I switched it to NoBC4U. First to associate my name with this blog, and second to keep a slightly higher level of anonymity, given the popularity of late of the Saker.

    2. Yes off the top of my head I recall two stories. One was about an email sent to someone you knew about Stepan Bandera and how he was good rather than bad and that people needed to wake up about it. The other was about your experience attending a Victory Day celebration I believe? At any rate I find that small personal stories like those, written by people who care and who presumably are not being paid, come off as being more truthful and sincere than most of what I could read in the MSM. Thanks for your contributions.


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