Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ukraine’s Budget: Gas vs the Wall |

Funds spent on the punitive operation in Donbas, “Project Wall” and private initiatives by Ukrainian oligarchs could have paid the country’s gas debt to Russia.

There is one thing that all those who support the Ukrainian authorities, all Russophobes and Bandera followers, all those who believe in “Russia’s weekly incursions” should do: print an image of the Great Ukrainian Wall and hang it on the wall so it keeps them warm throughout the cold season. They should do this because this wall will be built INSTEAD OF buying the natural gas that used to keep Ukrainian houses warm in the winter. That is until the adepts of European integration came to power.

It goes without saying that this wall will never be built. Funds allocated to this effect have already been stolen. Mr Yatsenyuk is saying that additional resources are expected to be allocated, which tends to prove that the embezzlement will continue. In fact, why miss such a great opportunity to siphon off some cash!

That said, the official price tag on this mediocre structure called “The Wall,” which can be regarded as a monument to the harmfulness of Russophobia (even though it is not expected to remain in place for long given how shabby the structure is), exceeds $4 billion. That would have been enough to pay off a large chunk of Ukraine’s gas debt. Just look at the image of the wall and imagine that your apartment is heated. Yatsenyuk is the person to thank for this, in case you were wondering.

Complete story at - Ukraine’s Budget: Gas vs the Wall |

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